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Yoga notebook illustrated in words & drawings!

Yogamania is a crispy yoga notebook tailor-made for yogis. 


Its dynamic illustration format offers a playful yet creative experience for yogis. It tries to give yoga beginners the whole picture when embarking on their own yoga journey. 


Every copy of Yogamania comes with a deck of yoga posture cards so you can tear-it-off to start playing with your practice right away, and for yoga teachers to creatively sequence a yoga class.

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Yogamania designed to offer an ease tone as well as a dynamic look.

Info graphics work to create an upbeat vibe and carry out a clear-cut demonstration of

Handy references for yogis ; 80 postures cards to build your own sequence &

Useful information for yoga self-practice.

Handy references for yogis

for yogis who delight in small bites of yoga knowledge


Yoga postures cards

80 postures cards to help building sequence for class & for self-practice at home. 

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 yoga handbook

tailor made for yogis!


travel companion

 yet your lovely learning-practice companion! 

DIY your

door hanger

Reuse the sleeve jacket creatively!


imported paper

『コルドバ』 Cordoba 466gsm

They like us!

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